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Tegan Nox. Steffanie Rhiannon Newell (born 15 November 1994) is a Welsh professional wrestler. She is signed to WWE and appears on their NXT brand under the ring name Tegan Nox. Newell previously wrestled on the British independent circuit under the ring name Nixon Newell, most notably for promotions such as Attack!


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NXT| USA Network | Wednesday Nights 8/7c

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The Following are the Upcoming NXT/NXT Takeover Dates that are coming up where Tegan could be appearing However Card is Always Subject to change

February 5th:NXT Full Sail
February 7th:NXT Phoenix
February 8th:NXT Las Vegas
February 9th:NXT Riverside
February 12th:NXT Full Sail
February 14th:NXT Tampa
February 15th:NXT Ft Pierce
February 16th:NXT Takeover Portland

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Match Number One: Io Shirai versus Mia Yim versus Dakota Kai (with Raquel Gonzalez) versus Tegan Nox versus Candice LeRae versus Chelsea Green (with Robert Stone) in a Number One Contender Ladder Match

All six women stand in the ring and then Green goes after Yim while Nox and Kai battle.  Shirai and LeRae battle in another corner.  Kai sends Shirai to the floor and then she sends Mia into the turnbuckles.  Kai tells Raquel to get a ladder while Kai kicks Candice and hits Tegan with a forearm.  Candice and Mia with a double drop kick into the ladder and Raquel goes down.  Tegan stands behind Kai and she is surrounded by Mia and Candice as well.  Tagan, Mia, and Candice with punches.  LeRae with more strikes followed by a European uppercut from Nox.  Mia with a charge into the corner.  Tegan with a cannonboar followed by a cannonball from Mia.  Candice kicks Kai in the corner.  Io with a missile drop kick to Mia and Nox.  Io with a flapjack to Candice.

Io gets a ladder from under the ring while Stone gets a table with Chelsea.  Candice tries to climb the ladder but Io stops her.  Candice tries for a power bomb onto the ladder after countering an Air Raid Crash.  Green with a bulldog to LeRae onto the ladder as we go to commercial.

We are back and Green gets back in the ring but Mia drops Green on a chair.  Kai and Nox exchange punches and Nox grabs Kai but Kai with a scorpion kick and head butt.  Kai with a forearm and Nox with a running European uppercut.  Kai with a running boot into the corner.  Nox misses a splash but Nox blocks a kick and hits a choke slam.  Nox tries to pull a ladder into the ring that Green is holding and Nox sends Green into the guardrails.  Nox climbs the ladder and Kai sends Nox into the top of the ladder.  They are pulled off the ladder.  Green and Kai climb the ladder and they are pulled down.  MIa and Io climb the ladder and they are stopped.  A second ladder is set up and everyone is knocked off except for Mia.  Candice pulls Mia off the ladder but Mia hits Sole Food on Candice.  Green hits Mia in the back iwth a chair.  Green misses a boot into the chair and Mia hits Green in the leg with the ladder.  Io with a drop kick and a catapult into the bottom of the ladder hanging in the corner.

Gonzalez pushes Io off the ladder but Io lands on the top rope and hits a cross body onto everyone as we go to commercial.

We are back and Gonzalez leaves the ring and goes to the floor.  Stone tries to stop Gonzalez from doing anything to Chelsea.  Gonzalez picks Kai up and helps her into the ring.  Gonzalez gets Kai on her shoulders and climbs the ladder but Mia stops her.  Gonzalez with a kick to Yim and Candice pulls Kai off the ladder.  Gonzalez picks up MIa from the turnbuckles but Mia wiht foraerms and she tries to power bomb Gonzalez off the turnbuckles through a table and Nox helps with a choke slam to help MIa.  

Kai with a running kick to knock Nox off the turnbuckles onto a ladder at ringside.  Kai and LeRae go for the briefcase but Io with a springboard drop kick.  Io with a German suplex to LeRae and LeRae returns fire with a German suplex of her own.  Stone tries to motivate Chelsea to get back into the ring.  Chelsea gets to the ladder but she cannot climb the ladder.  Stone takes off his jacket and he climbs the ladder to help Chelsea get up.  Chelsea has the case but Io and Candice push Stone and Green off the ladder and Green lands awkwardly on the top rope.

Candice starts to climb the ladder and Io follows her up and stops Candice.  They exchange forearms on top of the ladder.  Candice with chops to Io and Io grabs Candice’s arm and rakes the eye.  Io pushes Candice onto the ladder hanging in the corner.  Io has the briefcase and wins the match.

Winner:  Io Shirai

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Street Fight: Dakota Kai vs. Tegan Nox

We go back to the ring for the first women’s Street Fight at Takeover as Tegan Nox makes her way out. She’s suddenly attacked from behind by Dakota Kai to start the match.

Kai beats Nox over into the side production area but Nox turns it around. Nox fights her to the ringside area and tackles her through the barrier at ringside. Kai counters a move with a big DDT on the broken barrier at ringside. Kai brings it in the ring and we get the bell. Kai covers for a quick 2 count. Kai brings a trash can lid, two steel chairs, and two trash cans, in the ring. Nox moves and Kai brings her out to send her into the steel steps.

Kai with a big kick to the face. Kai grabs and swings a cricket bat but Nox ducks and it breaks over the ring post. Nox with a big crossbody off the steps, taking Kai down on the floor. Nox stomps away on the floor. Nox brings a trash can over and puts it over Kai’s body against the ring steps. Nox with an inverted senton to the trash can and Kai against the steps. Nox brings it back in the ring for a 2 count.

Nox brings a table from under the ring and fans cheer her on. Nox stands the table up at ringside. Nox comes to the apron for a suplex to the table on the floor but Kai blocks it. Kai drops Nox and goes back to the floor. Nox follows and they tangle. Nox takes a huge trash can lid shot to the face. Kai rolls Nox back in and keeps her down with boots as fans boo. Kai sends Nox to the apron and tries to knock her off into the table. Nox turns it around and nails a series of superkicks. Nox sends Kai back in the ring and hits her several times with a trash can. Nox with a big German suplex onto the trash can for a close 2 count.

Kai turns it around and nails a big Kai-Ropractor for a 2 count. Nox looks to turn it around as they tangle on the apron. Kai sends her down. Nox blocks a knee brace shot to the face and drops Kai on the apron. Nox brings it back in and goes to the top but Kai jumps up with a big kick. Kai climbs to the top for a superplex but Nox fights back. Kai unloads in frustration as fans boo. Nox grabs Kai by the throat and chokeslams her to the mat. Nox leaps from the top with a Molly Go Round but Kai kicks out at 2. Fans do dueling chants now.

Nox stands a chair up in the middle of the ring as Kai crawls to her. Nox places Kai’s head into the chair but misses a superkick. They tangle and Kai kicks the steel chair into Nox’s face after tossing it to her. They go back to the floor and Kai sends Nox into the ring post. Kai grabs a roll of duct tape and starts securing Nox to the ring post by her wrist. Kai with a big boot to the face, and another. This breaks the tape as Nox falls to the floor. Kai talks trash in Nox’s face and says she asked for this. Kai grabs the timekeeper’s ring bell but Nox kicks her knee out. Nox hits Kai’s knee with a laptop. Kai rushes into the ring in pain.

Nox brings a chain in the ring. The laptop is also in the ring now. Nox takes out the knee with a chain shot. Nox snaps now, focusing on the knee and the brace around it. Nox places a chair around the knee and stomps on it. Kai screams in pain. Nox hits the Shiniest Wizard and drops Kai back again. Nox says she’s not done yet. Nox goes back out and brings the table into the ring. Nox comes back in and stands the table up in the corner. Nox stomps away on Kai. Nox places Kai on the table, then places the chair over her head. Nox goes to the top but she’s decked by Raquel Gonzalez, the former Mae Young Classic competitor.

Fans boo as the former Reina Gonzalez helps Kai off the table. Fans chant “who are you?” now. Gonzalez goes back to the top and manhandles Nox while talking trash in her face. Gonzalez sends Nox through the table and it breaks. Kai takes advantage and covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Dakota Kai

– After the match, Gonzalez returns to the ring ans Kai’s music stops. Gonzalez helps Kai up and Kai looks confused as she holds her by her arm. Gonzalez finally raises Kai’s arm in victory and we go to replays.

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Anything goes in the next chapter of the bitter rivalry between Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai, as the two will clash in a Street Fight at NXT TakeOver: Portland.

The bad blood between the former best friends can be traced back to NXT TakeOver: WarGames. Kai betrayed her best friend during the first-ever Women’s WarGames Match, brutally attacking Nox, targeting her injured knee and putting her out of action for nearly two months. When Nox returned in January during a Battle Royal to determine the No. 1 Contender to the NXT Women’s Championship, Kai was not far behind, ruthlessly yanking Nox off the top rope and eliminating her from the match. Kai added insult to injury by hurling the brace she tore off Nox’s knee at TakeOver at her former friend.

The two friends turned bitter rivals finally met in the squared circle on the Jan. 29 edition of NXT. In what turned out to be more of a brawl than a wrestling match, Kai tried to use everything at her disposal to once again maim Nox. However, thanks to a timely distraction from Candice LeRae, Nox was able to give Kai a taste of her own medicine, clobbering Dakota with the knee brace to pick up the victory.

With the rulebook thrown out the window, to what lengths will these two go to bring their rivalry to an end? Find out at NXT TakeOver: Portland, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network Sunday, Feb. 16, at 7 ET/4 PT!

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Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai

We go right to the ring and out comes Tegan Nox. She’s all business and ready to fight. Nox waits in the ring with the knee brace in her hand as she’s forced to watch a video on the big screen of Dakota Kai turning on her at WarGames last year. Out comes Kai and she rushes the ring. Nox tosses the brace at Kai and goes right to work on her.

Kai turns it around coming out of the corner. Nox with an inverted senton. Kai turns it around on the floor and tosses Nox over the barrier into the crowd. They fight over near a production area and Nox slams Kai face-first into some steel as the referee counts. Nox beats Kai around the NXT Arena and back to ringside. Nox breaks the count but rolls back to the floor as Kai levels her with a big kick to the face.

Kai tosses someone from a steel chair and brings it over but Nox kicks it out of her hand. Nox sends Kai face-first into the ring post. Nox sends Kai into the ring and grabs the chair to follow but the referee is distracted by Kai. Nox comes in and ducks a shot with the brace. Nox with a big German suplex. Nox runs the ropes for a suicide dive but Kai decks her at the ropes with a forearm. Kai goes to swing the chair but Candice LeRae runs down and comes from behind, pulling it out of her hands.

Kai returns to the ring as the referee is distracted by Candice on the outside. Kai turns around to a big shot to the face with the knee brace from Nox. Nox follows up and nails the Shiniest Wizard. Nox covers Kai for the pin to win.

Winner: Tegan Nox

– After the match, Kai recovers in the ring as Nox backs up the ramp with LeRae. We go to replays as Nox’s music plays.

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30 Woman Royal Rumble Match – winner receives Championship match at Wrestlemania 36

The first competitor was Alexa Bliss.

Number two was Bianca Belair.

Bianca drilled Bliss into the buckles with several shoulderblocks. Belair mounted the ropes and drilled her with rights. Bliss smashed her in the face and nailed a big kick. Belair caught Bliss going for a head scissor takeover and tried to toss her over the top but failed.

Number Three was Molly Holly, coming out as Mighty Molly. Molly tossed Belair over the top but she landed on the apron. She drilled both with clotheslines. Holly went to the ropes and nailed a flying bodypress on Belair and Bliss, then did the superhero pose.

Number four was Nikki Cross. She and Bliss worked over Belair and Molly, who fought them off. Belair hit the KOD on Cross, smashing her down on Bliss. Cross kicked Molly down. Belair speared her. Mollyhit a neckbreaker on Bliss. Everyone was down.

Number five was Lana. Lana cut a promo all the way to the ring putting herself over.

Number six was Mercedes Martinez. She began wiping out the ring but Lana hit her from behind. Lana nailed a suplex but Martinez popped up and suplexed Lana over the top to the apron. She swept her legs but Lana held on.

Number seven was Liv Morgan. She shoulderblocked Lana off the apron.

Lana eliminated.

Martinez dumped Morgan over the top but she lands on the apron. Lana dragged her down and they fought on the floor, with officials having to pull them apart.

Number eight was Mandy Rose. She shoulderblocked Cross down. That made Cross explode with offense.

Number nine was Candice LaRae. She nailed a quebrada on Cross. Everyone battled. Bianca Belair eliminated Molly. Mandy was tossed but landed on Otis, who had rolled out from under the ring. That allowed her to be able to return to the ring. It got a big pop.

Number ten was Sonya Deville. She and Mandy teamed up to try and eliminated LaRae. They worked over Martinez and eliminated her.

Number eleven was WWE Women”s Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane. She speared Cross and Bliss.

Number 12 was Mia Yim. Belair tossed Cross and tried to toss Bliss, who grabbed onto Belair’s hair to save herself.

Mandy was tossed over the top into Otis’ arms. He saves her again. Deville was knocked off the apron into Otis and all three went down. Fire and Desire eliminated.

Number 13 was Dana Brooke. Everyone battled. LaRae was tossed byy Belair. Sonya eliminated. Yim worked over Bliss in the corner.

Number 14 was Tamina. She went face to face with Belair, who challenged her. They battled it out in the middle of the ring. Belair tossed her.

Number 15 was Dakota Kai. She nailed Brooke with a big boot to the face in the corner. Bliss tossed Yim to the floor, eliminating her.

Number 16 was Chelsea Green. She was tossed out immediately by Bliss. Thanks for coming. Brooke went after Bliss but Bliss reversed a powerbomb into a rana and sent her to the floor.

We are back to #1 and #2 the only ones left, Belair and Bliss. Bliss went for Twisted Bliss but Belair pul her knees up. Belair tried to toss her but they both went over the top and battled on the apron. Bliss grabbed her hair and there was a tug of war but Bliss was sent backwards into the ringpost and bounced to the floor.

Belair was alone in the ring, until #17, Charlotte Flair came out. They battled back and forth. Flair nailed her with several big suplexes.

Number 18 was the returning Naomi. Big pop for her. She and Flair battled until they turned their attention to Belair and hit her with kicks and a double suplex. Flair immediately turned on Naomi and worked her over in the corner,

Number 19 was Beth Phoenix. Flair looked shocked. She controlled the ring and tossed Naomi over the top. Naomi landed on the apron, battled her way out of the predicament and hit a springboard bodypress on Beth and Charlotte. Naomi and Flair battled as Belair and Phoenix fought in the corner. Phoenix drilled her with kicks and set her up on the ropes, trying to force her over the top.

Number 20 was Toni Storm. Everyone battled. Flair kicked Belair off the ropes, sending her to the floor. Great performance by Belair.

Number 21 was Kelly Kelly. She hit a Thesz Press on Naomi and rained down with punches. She nailed a head scissor takedown on Storm. She nailed a Stinkface on Storm but Flair nailed her. Phoenix tossed Flair over the top and began kicking the hell out of her, trying to knock Flair off the apron to the floor. Flair and Beth battled. Storm and Kelly battled.

Number 22 was Sarah Logan. Logan began beating on Flair. Phoenix grabbed her. Charlotte kicked Logan out of the ring with a big boot. Kelly tried to toss Flair but Flair maneuvered her over the top. Kelly slapped her so Flair rocked her off the apron. Kelly eliminated. Everyone worked over Phoenix as….

Number 23 was Natalya, Beth’s best friend. Natalya whipped out discus clotheslines on everyone, saving Beth. Beth appeared to be bleeding from the back of her head. Phoenix and Natalya nailed a double powerbomb to the center of the ring from the ropes. Storm tried to toss Naomi.

Number 24 is Xia Li. She kicked Natalya down and then did the same to Phoenix. Flair sent her into the buckles. Everyone battled.

Number 25 was Zelina Vega. She nailed a big DDT on Naomi. She nailed a leaping rana off the ropes onto Phoenix. Zelina nailed a DDT on Storm. Beth, Natalya and Li triple-teamed Flair to try and toss her, but Naomi joined the fray, breaking it up.

Number 26 was Shotzi Blackheart. She nailed a stepup enziguiri on Storm. Naomi was knocked off the apron but hit the guard rail and held on. She pulled herself up on the top of the guardrail. She pulled herself to the announcing tables and stood on those.

Number 27 was Carmella. She nailed a big spinning headscissor with a ton of rotations on Natalya. She was caught by Flair with Natural Selection. Flair was hit with the Glam Slam by Phoenix. Flair was sent through the ropes.

Number 28 was Tegan Nox. Everyone battled.

Number 29 was the returning Santina Marella. She and Beth met in the center of the ring. Natalya faced off with her as well. Santina looked around, pulled out the Cobra, hit herself and eliminated herself.

Number 30 was Shayna Baszler. Xia Li was tossed by Baszler. Tegan Nox was tossed after. Zelina Vega.was third. Naomi made a bridge to get back to the ring, Baszler tossed Storm. Naomi came off the top at Baszler, who avoided her. Naomi went for the Rear View and was caught and tossed. Baszler is tossing out people left and right.

Baszler battled Natalya and Phoenix. They hit her with the Hart Attack but Beth turned on Natalya and clotheslined her out of the ring. Beth and Baszler battled. Baszler tried to toss her over the ropes but Flair returned from the floor to toss them both, Baszler survived and faced off with Flair. Beth got involved but Baszler tossed her over the top.

Baszler and Flair are the final two. They battled and went over the top but Flair held on while Baszler crashed to the floor.

Your winner, Charlotte Flair!

Flair pointed to the digital Wrestlemania sign.

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We see Dakota Kai in the front row and Tegan Nox attacks Dakota from behind. Tegan is held back by security and Dakota attacks Tegan. Tegan spears Dakota through the guardrails. Nox and Kai are separated by security.

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